KMS Hair Products


KMS History

KMS is a creative, affordable and progressive product line that is driven by some of the best stage artists in the beauty industry today.  It’s also bold and attainable price offer hair enthusiasts an alternative to many of the high priced hair products on the market.  Founded by James Mazzotta in Redding, California in 1976, it has always been popular in the west amongst surfers and urban dwellers alike. KMS was acquired by KAO Professional Services in 2002 and is poised for continued growth through creative and research driven product development.


Today, the product line centers around three words. Start, style and finish. These three simple categories mirror the hair stylist process and make it easy for a client to follow at home. As you may have guessed, the “start” category consists of shampoos and conditioners. All of these products also contain the AHA Complex and focus on enhancing the total hair. Internal and external. The start products also prep the hair for easy application, distribution and adhesion of “style” products.

Style items help one manage, mold and manicure the hair. Created with unique shaping technology, Style products allow one to easily shape the hair to your desired look.  No more fighting. No more pulling. Simply apply and shape. KMS makes it that easy.

KMS finish items are all about hold, seal and stay. Once your style items get your hair to where you want to be, you now want it to stay. Enter the finish products. The best part about the KMS finish products? The hold is flexible and lasts up to three days. No more rigid hair that feels like it will break off when touched. In conclusion, they have your back through your entire beauty routine, from start, to style to finish.